Name Designation Department Affiliation Detail
Richard Kones Medical Director Department of Cardiology Cardiometabolic Research Institute, USA More


Name Designation Department Affiliation Detail
Zahid Khan Specialty Cardiology Registrar Cardiology and Acute Medicine University of South Wales, United Kingdom More
Donald J Hagler Professor Cardiovascular Medicine Mayo Clinic College of Medicine, USA More
Hongxin Zhu Associate Professor Bio-X Institutes Shanghai Jiao Tong University, China More
Suman Omana Soman Professor Department of Cardiology Kerala Institute of Medical Sciences, India More
Wang Wenru Associate Professor Alice Lee Center for Nursing Studies National University of Singapore, Singapore More
Hao Zhang Professor Department of Rheumatology and Immunology Second Military Medical University, China More
Toshiharu Shinoka Professor Department of Cardiothoracic Surgery Nationwide Children Hospital, USA More
Kandikattu Hemanth Kumar Post-Doctoral Fellow Department of Medicine Tulane University, USA More
Kazuaki Nishio Researcher Department of Internal Medicine Showa University, Japan More
Yoshiyuki Takami Director Department of Cardiovascular Surgery Nagoya Daini Red Cross Hospital, Japan More
Hai-Chao Han Professor Department of Mechanical Engineering The University of Texas at San Antonio, USA More
Yong-Fu Xiao Professor Cardiovascular and Metabolic Diseases Crown Bioscience, Inc., PR China More
Elsayed Abo-Salem Assistant Professor Department of Cardiology SSM Health Saint Louis University Hospital, USA More
Ahmed Zaky Professor Department of Anesthesiology and Perioperative Medicine University of Alabama, USA More
Michael P. Flaherty Professor Division of Cardiovascular Medicine University of Louisville, USA More
Guangsen Li Professor Department of Ultrasound Dalian Medical University, China More
Simone Gulletta Professor Cardiology San Raffaele Hospital, Italy More
Fabíola Branco Filippin Monteiro Professor Department of Clinical Analysis Federal University of Santa Catarina, Brazil More
Jasmanda Hsiao-hui Wu Professor Department of Epidemiology University of Michigan, USA More
Salah Altarabsheh Professor Department of Cardiac Surgery Queen Alia Heart Institute, Jordan More
Jianding Cheng Professor Department of Forensic Pathology Sun Yat-sen University, China More
Ling Tao Postdoctoral Associate Department of Pediatrics Baylor College of Medicine, China More
Emilia Solinas Medical Director General Surgery Department University Hospital of Parma, Italy More
Haseeb A. Khan Professor Department of Biochemistry King Saud University, Saudi Arabia More
Wilbert S Aronow Professor Cardiology New York Medical College, USA More
Sukhchain Singh Professor Department of Medicine Rosalind Franklin University, USA More
Xu Yan Professor Department of Information Systems, Business Statistics and Operations Management The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, China More
Agnieszka Pawlak Professor Department of Invasive Cardiology Central Clinical Hospital, Poland More
Yong-Ming He Professor Department of Cardiology Soochow University, China More
Sobhi Mleyhi Professor Cardiovascular Surgery Department University of Tunis El Manar, Tunisia More
Hussam Ali Professor Cardiology Humanitas University, Italy More
Wilhelm P Mistiaen Associate Professor Department of Cardiology University of Antwerp, Belgium More
Laureane Nunes Masi Professor Center for Biological and Health Sciences Cruzeiro do Sul University, Brazil More
Zufeng Ding Professor Department of Cardiology University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences, USA More
Jalal K Ghali Professor Department of Medicine Mercer University School of Medicine, USA More
Dipak P. Ramji Professor School of Biosciences Cardiff University, United Kingdom More
Alberto Palazzuoli Professor Department of Internal Medicine University of Siena, Italy More
Rafael Castillo Professor College of Medicine Adventist University of the Philippines, Philippines More
Jiang Tian Associate Professor Division of Cardiovascular Medicine University of Toledo, USA More